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From Agent-Centric to Business-Focused Performance Optimization

Call center quality management systems have evolved over the years, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring and managing agent performance. But most quality management systems today still focus on individual agent performance, neglecting the bigger picture: overall business quality. Now, quality management is advancing. A higher standard infuses the performance improvement process with innovative analytics capabilities, going beyond individual agent performance to optimizing quality at the business level. NDST Quality Optimization is the next evolution in quality management.

Quality Optimization

Traditional call center quality management involves randomly monitoring a handful of agents’ calls every month in order to evaluate and track their performance against quality standards. This agent-centric process helps improve overall agent quality but it significantly reduces contact centers’ ability to link quality evaluation to overall business performance. With a small selection of calls recorded and monitored, the most important issues arising from customer-agent interactions may never even be reviewed.
NDST Quality Optimization helps prepare agents for the decisive moments of customer interactions with business-centric call center quality management. It uses Interaction Analytics to analyze all customer interactions and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that support the organization’s business objectives. KPIs can be derived from telephony-based metrics such as average handle time, hold time and call transfers, as well as from speech analytics measures such as customer dissatisfaction and first contact resolution.
NDST Quality Optimization provides contact centers proven, closed-loop call center quality management to:
  • Identify problems via customized dashboards that track business KPIs
  • Perform root cause analysis to uncover the issues and agents that contribute to low quality scores
  • Take action such as targeted agent training to address knowledge gaps
  • Monitor to verify problem resolution and ensure ongoing quality management
NDST Quality Optimization represents the next evolution in call center quality management. It automates call monitoring and links it with Interaction Analytics to drive business optimization and prepare agents for handling customer interactions. Thus, it can help call centers to:
  • Align the quality process with the organization’s business objectives
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Optimize not only agent performance but business performance
NDST Quality Optimization provides call centers with effective tools to link quality management to business objectives. Among its evolutionary capabilities, the system can:
  • Automatically track telephony-based KPIs such as average handle time
  • Automatically track analytics-based KPIs such as customer satisfaction
  • Identify agents and teams that contribute to breaches in KPI objectives
  • Drill down to interactions that contribute to missed KPI targets
  • Provide an integrated quality process workflow



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